Engine Rebuilding Service

Engine Rebuilding Services Gulfport MSOnce your car’s engine starts acting up, you are confronted with an important decision. You have the option to replace the engine with a new one or you can go for repairing and rebuilding the original engine. Replacing an engine with a new one is often too expensive for budgets of many people. Getting a used engine fitted is a temporary solution at best, and buys the owner little more time. Sooner or later, most of the used engines start getting problematic, and must be replaced or renovated. Finding a great engine rebuilding service can be hard to find.


What is a rebuilt engine?


For a couple of reasons, rebuilt engines are fundamentally different from used engines. However, the big difference to remember is that the rebuilt engines are better. They are more reliable, stronger and more powerful than most used engines.


A rebuilt engine is made out of a used engine that may have had a failure. The engine is totally disassembled and refurbished with new parts outfitted. It is then tested to ensure that it works like new. In fact, it sometimes works better than new because it is rebuilt according to the latest manufacturer’s specifications. For example, in case you are take a Ford engine used in 2000 and have it rebuilt 2013, it will be rebuilt keeping in mind all the latest improvements that Ford engines of 2013 have.


Why purchase a rebuilt engine?


The primary reason why you should buy a rebuilt engine is the low price, obviously. A rebuilt engine will cost much less compared to a new engine since it contains recycled and refurbished parts. However, because it has been tested, it will perform much better than an engine that is not rebuilt. This is the reason why rebuilt engines give you a lot of assurance in terms of quality. Better still, some rebuilt engines come with a warranty.


How to choose a rebuilt engine


Just as not all repair centers are equal, not all rebuilt engines are similar either. Of course, the simplest way to check if you are getting a well tested rebuilt engine is to bring it to a local shop and have a compression test done on it. Few other tests are also available to ensure that you have a well built engine. Apart from having it checked by a professional, there are few things you can see on paper to ensure that you have picked out a winner. You can ask the engine rebuilding service for a receipt carrying a list of all the works done. This will let you know if all the necessary tasks were carried out.


Difference between rebuilt engines and re-manufactured engines


We often hear people using the terms ” rebuilt engine ” and ” re-manufactured engines ” interchangeably. However, there is a subtle – but important – difference between them. Rebuilt and re-manufactured engines are both made following the same procedures. But, when a motor is marked re-manufactured, it means that the reconstruction was carried out by the OEM or someone having a certification from the OEM to complete the reconstruction work according to manufacturer standards. Normally, a re-manufactured engine costs a little more. However, engines without this official stamp also do well in most cases.


In conclusion, a rebuilt engine in almost all cases is a good deal. These engines are disassembled, cleaned and completely redesigned to run like new. You receive a product that is certain to work like something straight off of the factory floor; however, you pay a fraction of the price. If you want to give new life to your old car without emptying your pockets, getting a rebuilt engine is one of the surest routes you can take. If you are looking for a professional engine rebuilding service, contact us at Dern Mechanix. We’ll be more than happy to answer whatever questions you may have.