Belts & Hoses

beltshosesThe belts and hoses in your vehicle are essential to the engine cooling, air conditioning, charging system, steering and accessories.Replacing the belts & hoses routinely can help prevent vehicle break down. (In the past we recommended more frequent hose replacement. But improvements to materials and coolant protection it is possible to have original hoses last 100,000 miles.)

The belts in your vehicle that need periodic maintenance are the timing belt, serpentine belt, V-Belt, idlers and tensioners and fan belt. These belts all transmit power from the front of the engine to the accessories that need to run, such as the air conditioning, charging system and fans to cool the engine.

The hoses in your vehicle are the heater hose and the upper and lower radiator hoses. They carry coolant to and from the engine, radiator and heater core.